Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More notes on the Podryasnik

Some more things to note:
  • While wearing a podryasnik, it is inappropriate to cross your legs, especially when you are in church.
  • If you are a seminarian at Jordanville, you will be blessed to wear a cassock at the beginning of the school year. You should wear your cassock in church, in classes, and in the refectory. When you’re “off-duty,” you can wear casual clothes.
  • It is called a cassock, not a cossack. A Cossack is one of “a group of predominantly East Slavic martial people living in the southern steppe regions of Eastern Europe and Asian Russia” and various other parts of the world. Don’t mess with a Cossack, especially if he is in a cassock.


  1. John, how big is the freshman class this year?

  2. There are five of us. I will do a write-up of our class in a future post.