Monday, January 31, 2011

Preliminary Remarks on Serving in the Altar (2)

Last week I served in the altar. It also happened to be the first week of classes. Here are some new things I've picked up:
  • If you are closest to the curtain, you are expected to open and close it at the correct times, including: before the beginning of sixth hour, at the exclamation of "The doors, the doors!" and before communion.
  • When in doubt, pay attention to what the other altar server is doing, especially if you are outside the sanctuary. During the times you are entering the altar, make sure to match the movement/speed of the other server.
  • From the beginning of the Anaphora to the end of "It is truly meet," drop everything you're doing and quietly pray with the priest.
  • Also make sure to be very quiet and not distract the priest when he's communing.
  • And remember: Don't Panic!

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