Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Semester!

It's the middle of the second week, so it's a little odd to have a “New Semester” post right now. But since I was preoccupied during the first week with not setting myself on fire in the altar, I haven't had much time to do anything productive in regards to this blog. Today our Russian teacher is snowed in, which means we don't have class until 10, thus giving me opportunity for this post.

Besides, the final class schedule was not actually finalized until yesterday. The new schedule switches around the classes a little bit, allowing us a little more study time before lunch. Last semester it was six hours; now it is eight. Unlike most universities, here at Jordanville we don't have electives, and it's pretty hard to change the schedule to please everyone. For example, Mondays last semester was free in the mornings for me, because I didn't have to take the scheduled English classes. Now that Church Slavonic and Russian start at 8, my fellow classmates have to now get used to my groggy face.

Patristic Anthropology was shifted to the afternoons (thus giving us two more hours before lunch) which means that more students can take the class. We first years are now joined by the fifth years, which should make the questions more interesting.

Meanwhile, we are stuck in the middle of a on-again, off-again snowstorm, and I am not-so-eagerly awaiting the day when I'm assigned to shovel snow.

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  1. thats it pal, youre finished your blog....?;-(