Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jordanville Journal Digest (2010–2011)

In two weeks, I will have completed one year of blogging. Of the uku-billion blogs I’ve started and abandoned, this is the longest-lived. So, in preemptory recognition of my anniversary, here are ten of my favorite posts, in chronological order:

“We assembled yesterday morning on the second floor of the seminary building, then entered one of the classrooms. Someone came in: ‘If you don’t know any Russian, please proceed to the next classroom.’ First exam: over!”

“To prevent any widespread outbreak of meat consumption and other hazards, we are kept very busy by our classwork and obediences.”

“Warning: do not leave items on the free table if you do not want a monk or seminarian to take them within thirty seconds.”

“What really gets me up (after several hits of the snooze button) is my cell-phone alarm, set to a funky ringtone. It's about 5:45 am or so, which makes me a little late for Liturgy. Oh well: I throw on my podryasnik and coat, and brave the elements.”

“Like everything in the world, our human nature is wisely constructed. We are capable of acquiring and preserving knowledge, and we are capable of forgetting. Often even forgetfulness is useful and laudable.”

“…there are many interesting side-conversations, mostly involving monastic footwear, coming from one of our more animated classmates,”

“When I got here, I quickly realized that coming here had not automatically changed me, and the Uncreated Light didn't suddenly burst out of my face the day I stepped into my dorm-room.”

“Fr. Killian: And there we have rooms for the single female students, an area we affectionately call the Feminary.”

“I awoke at five in the morning to the sounds of the mallet hitting the semandron, that ancient instrument used to rouse monks to prayer. The potent sound of wood against wood is a call to prayer: a call to rouse oneself in preparation for the long prayers during the first week of Great Lent.”

“‘It's winking at me,’ said somebody looking at the spit.”

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