Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Orthodoxy

I hope my friends on the New Calendar had a good Transfiguration.

An idea came to me today, which has yet to be fleshed out: why not have an Orthodox photo blog? Specifically, one which captures (for the most part) ordinary people doing Orthodox things. An emphasis would be on older (vintage) photographs. The sort of pictures I’m talking about include:
  • Youth activities (camp, conferences, etc.)
  • Sisterhood activities
  • Seminarians doing stuff (natch)
  • Historically significant pictures
  • Basically anything old, preferably in black and white.
I’ve already set up a blogspot and an e-mail address. All I need are pictures! So, if you have any old photos (regardless of jurisdiction) that you find interesting, please send them to me at vintageorthodoxy [at], alongside a description of the activities and people depicted. The pictures will remain your intellectual property. I’m looking forward to your submissions! In the meantime, here’s footage of the glorification of St. John of San Francisco:

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  1. John, thanks a lot for the footage!