Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First Week

Thanks be to God, we got through the first week of school. The week began with Labor Day weekend and ended with the (real) feast of St. Job of Pochaev. In between, we had a smooth transition to seminary life.

On Tuesday, we had a moleben for the new school year after the liturgy. Then we met in the summer kitchen, where Fr Luke had a short talk with us about the new school year. The question to ask ourselves, he said, was “Why am I here?” He gave us some other sound advice and finally blessed the new students to wear their cassocks. Then Fr Cyprian passed out our student handbooks, and we went in detail over the various rules of living in common.

The first days of class went by very quickly. For Russian Church History I am doing a term paper on ecclesiastical architecture. for Russian Literature we are studying Ilya Muromets and other heroes. And in Biblical Greek, we are struggling to pronounce the [gh] sound. Things are back to normal!


  1. I already know how to pronounce [gh]... as in "ghyah!"... right?

  2. Can we get a copy of the term paper on ecclesiastical architecture? I'd like to read it.