Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Unexpected Feast

Our dormitory has a kitchenette that we use quite frequently. Recently, one of the seminarians cooked up some red beans and rice for us. He combined a box of Zatarain’s, a can of beans, and assorted shellfish to create a delightful dish for eight. I saw him adding something that vaguely looked like sausages.

Lenten goodness.

“What’s that?” I said, somewhat alarmed.
“Never you mind, John Martin,” he answered.

The sausage-like things turned out to be chipotle peppers, which added some Texas heat to the beans and rice. The heat dissipated from them so much that the peppers themselves turned out to be quite bland. “There’s a party in my mouth, and it’s burning stuff,” I said between bites.

Scarfing down a pepper!

Another seminarian came in and decided to make his own contribution. He took out some tilapia filets from the freezer and thawed and fried them up. I’m not a big fan of tilapia, but the filets turned out really well!

Another seminarian, of Mongolian extraction, announced earlier that he was going to make a “Nestor” for his eggs. Something clearly got lost in translation. It wasn’t until “Nestor” came out that we realized what it was:

“Nestor” (гнездо=nest) made from shoestring potatoes.

“Nestor” was really delicious, and it had a slight vinegary, savory taste which cleansed the palate after the spicy beans and rice. To round out the affair, a (married) sister of one of the seminarians baked us a vegan chocolate cake.

Good food, good friends, and a pleasant evening.

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