Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Old New Year!

After the Christmas party, my first week of vacation was pretty quiet. Pafnuty worked during the week, so I spent my days by myself wandering the streets of San Francisco. For the most part I stayed in my familiar haunts in the Richmond district near the cathedral. Usually my day would consist of waking up late, saying my prayers, talking with Pafnuty before he went to work, and going out and walking around. I would have cheap dim sum on Clement Street and check my e-mail at the library on 9th. During my time in San Francisco, I ended up checking out a few movies from the library, including three Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies. Watching Fred and Ginger dancing created in me a sense of wonder which I have not experienced in a long time (at least, while watching a movie).

On Wednesday, I had dinner with my friend Erin, who apparently had hatched a nefarious plan to steal my purple cassock. “I wasn’t going to steal it,” she clarified. “I was just going to take it away from you and never give it back.” We managed to put aside our differences in sartorial taste and had sushi (with donuts for dessert) on Polk Street.

We were on a roll. Or two or three or four…

That Friday, several members of the Orthodox artistic group Conquering Time (plus me) had a Julian New Year’s Party at Erin’s. Several of us contributed to the feast, which was made up of five courses. Nicky Kotar was of course present, but he did not have anything due to his going to St. Tikhon’s to precent at the New Year midnight liturgy.

He missed out on the delicious salad, the creamy bisque, and the absolutely superlative duck and brussels sprouts.


We then had some fruit and cheese and then dessert, which consisted of a cake and a layered French thing with a yogurty filling. Everything was excellent!

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