Friday, February 17, 2012

Hurried Jottings

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’m very sorry for my blogging whimsicality, but ’tis the life of a seminarian.

I will flesh out this update with individual posts in the near future. Here’s what I’ve done in the past two weeks.

  • On the weekend of the Publican and the Pharisee, four of us (plus two instructors) went to Erie, Pennsylvania to worship at the old rite Church of the Nativity, which joined ROCOR over twenty years ago. I did not cross myself with two fingers, but otherwise immersed myself in medieval Russian liturgical practice. The parishioners, who were very welcoming and actually very “normal” Orthodox, were just as curious of us as we were of them.
  • The next weekend, the Prodigal Son, was also the Feast of the Three Hierarchs. We did a lot of Greek chanting (video) and there was a reception for us where we all got scholarships like it was Christmas day.
  • Wednesday was the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord. I spent the day in the kitchen chopping, chopping, chopping cabbage for cole slaw.
  • For Movie Nights we’re watching Little Dorrit, which makes me want to pick up some Dickens.
  • My maternal grandfather Calvin is very sick. Please pray for him.

In one hour, I will be on the road to Philadelphia for a big concert with the Seminary Choir, the Eastern American Diocese Youth Choir, and a host of other guest singers. I wish you all a great Meatfare Weekend. Don’t go overboard!

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