Monday, May 7, 2012

Home Stretch

Christ is Risen!

I seem to have a tough time keeping up with the blog around this time of year. Last year my posts petered out some time in the middle of Great Lent, only to pick up just before the school year ended. The craziness involved with the paschal celebrations combined with travel and (of course) approaching exams leaves little time for new posts, or the creativity/energy to write them. I apologize, dear readers. Thanks to some prodding and threatened rioting by some of my readers, I am now posting this brief update.

The past few weeks have been, indeed, quite busy. If you want to become a seminarian, I recommend that you start getting really good at planning out his day. Time management skills are important if you want to live a balanced life and avoid going crazy.

The weeks before Pascha seemed to go by much faster than last year. My uborka was a mere hour and a half of cleaning and painting the stove. I wore my purple cassock (natch) for the paschal service, and joined in celebrating the Resurrection.

For Bright Week I was in Hawaii again to be with my family. I came back to a mere three weeks remaining in the school year, fifteen days of waiting until the wonderful period of finals. When I’m not worried about exams I’m somehow relaxing. A weekend or so ago, I actually got to wield a lacrosse stick for the first time, thanks to John Kasarda! (shout out!)

I also went out with the Seminary Choir (conducted by Nicky Kotar) to the Russian Consulate in New York City and the Museum of Russian Icons to sing concerts. A wonderful, meat-filled time was had by all. We’re going to be singing at the Rachmaninoff Music Festival in Boston on May 24. I hope that people will come to support us!

Another event I’m very excited to be a part of is the Young Adult Monastery Pilgrimage, which will start at St. Tikhon’s Monastery on Memorial Day weekend (May 26) and end at Jordanville for Pentecost (June 3). I’m the local guy in charge of things at the Jordanville end. Young people can join at any leg of the pilgrimage. If you’re interested, please contact me!

Anyway, for the students still wracking their brains over school, hang in there!

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