Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It looks like my record for posting on this blog has dropped to near-record levels. Worry not, patient reader: I will be writing a steady stream of posts. Much has happened. Over the past month or so I’ve sang in concerts, gone on pilgrimage, and helped organize pilgrims visiting Jordanville.

I’m staying most of the summer working at the monastery. To earn my keep I will be manning the bookstore. Most of the time. The rest will be spent on getting ready for the summer kids to show up in mid-June. Not that I’ll be stuck here forever: in August I’ll be traveling to San Francisco to sing at a concert and Canada to sing at a wedding. There will be wine, women, and song. At least the first and the third things.

Many visitors have seen my post on Russian church architecture. It is sort of the Reader’s Version of the first part of a paper I wrote for my Russian Church History class. I have happy news: that paper and a subsequent one I wrote (on Muscovite church architecture) will be published in the periodical Orthodox Life, published by our monastery. Although my post was pretty different from the final paper, it was similar enough to cause me to delete it.

Anyway, I’m glad that you’re still reading this blog despite my recent lack of posts. Stay tuned!

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