Sunday, June 17, 2012

Three Concerts: Addenda (mostly involving food)

Several things I forgot to mention about our Rachmaninoff Festival gig in my previous post:

I always enjoy visiting Cambridge. The old-world charm of the buildings plus all the different little shops form a perfect combination. Before our concert at the First Church of Cambridge, we stopped at a popular pub called Grendel’s Den. I had been to Grendel’s Den once before, and ever since have been hankering for a revisit.

We arrived during Happy Hour, which meant that all food was half-off as long as we bought a drink. I got a Dark and Stormy (rum and ginger beer) which was tasty, although I probably could have used more rum!

As for food, I ordered the Beggar’s Banquet, which included a rice pilaf, pita bread, spinach pie, and a ten-ounce steak, all at an economical price. “This should be called the Seminarian’s Banquet!” wagged one of us at the table.

After the concert, we went out with some of the festival organizers for second dinner at a local eatery which boasted both authentic Mexican and Cajun cuisine. Still full from the Beggar’s Banquet, I opted for a bowl of Louisiana Gumbo, my first taste of the flavorful stew.

With the close of an enjoyable evening filled with food and company, we finally called it quits and headed over to Concord to receive lodging at the house of a certain deacon. Said deacon welcomed us with open arms and put us up for the night, but before I retired the two of us stayed up a little discussing the mysteries of space and time. You know, the usual.

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