Sunday, August 19, 2012

When Thou wast Transfigured on the mountain, O Christ our God…

Happy Feast of the Transfiguration! Съ Праздникомъ!

I've decided to do a little out-of-sequence blogging. Not to worry; my recollections of my trips to San Francisco and sundry places will be up soon. But since I had a sudden urge to write, I thought to strike while the iron was hot. It's starting to feel as if summer is starting to end. Even the weather feels a bit colder than it was just a week ago. Pretty soon, our "summer birds" i.e. mosquitoes, will call it quits until next year (let's hope). People are starting to come back from break. Nicky Kotar came back yesterday, with more to come in the next week or two. Kliros finally started to feel a little fuller now that we have our first tenor back.

Last night we had the Vigil for Transfiguration. It went well, despite the constant distraction of the mosquitoes. There were more people here than I had expected as well. The church was even fuller at this morning's liturgy. I was well aware of the increased numbers from serving tables today. Yes, I was doing KP yet again! There were only four of us to serve a hundred people, and that included Artemy (from Glen Cove), a new seminarian who had hitherto had never worked in a kitchen before. Despite the limitations, we all did a pretty decent job, and got rave reviews for the lunch. The lunch consisted of a pureed vegetable soup (Fr. Seraphim's specialty), couscous (strangely exotic for Jordanville), and baked/fried fish. Oh yeah, and salad and carrots (I diced carrots for an hour. Carrots are dancing around my head.). The tables were also filled with freshly-blessed fruits. I hardly had time to eat anything, so I stuffed my face with plums while I bussed tables.

Now I'm on my break until 6:30 this evening. Not too many people will come for dinner, so I think it'll be pretty easy. Here's hoping!

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