Friday, January 25, 2013

Men’s Lenten Retreat

Orthodoxy has been called a manly religion. After all, we stand in church for hours, grow long beards, and jump into holes in the ice. In Orthodox theology, Christ, instead of merely being the meek Victim, is also the King of Glory, trampling down death by death. Even women martyrs are lauded for their “manly” courage in enduring excruciating tortures.

Men living in modern, post-feminist society are trying to recover the “art of manliness.” But what does that mean in an Orthodox context? We’ll be trying to answer these and other questions at an upcoming Men’s Lenten Retreat that I’m helping to organize with my friend Greg.

So, here is the (unofficial) announcement. Holy Trinity Monastery, with the blessing of Archimandrite Luke, cordially invites you to a Men’s Lenten Retreat on April 12–14, 2013. Join us for fellowship and worship at the one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries in North America!

Everyone will be staying at the monastery guesthouse down the road. I already reserved the rooms, so you won’t have to make any arrangements. The cost will be about $20–30 a night, depending on the room. We also ask for an additional donation of $10 to cover the cost of food.

Retreat participants can check in at the guesthouse on Friday. The retreat officially starts on Saturday with morning liturgy at six o’clock. The day will be filled with discussions and work projects at the monastery. There will also be a special talk on the life and legacy of Archbishop Averky of blessed memory, who reposed on this day nearly forty years ago. On Sunday, after the liturgy and the meal, we will have another spiritual talk and a question and answer session where all are free to discuss their concerns. With that, we will conclude the retreat.

Although it’s only a weekend, I hope that it will be rewarding for all involved. If you have any questions, you can contact me. Make sure to show that you’re participating by joining our event on Facebook!

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