Monday, February 11, 2013

Selected Rules of Behavior for Seminarians

Found in the Holy Trinity Seminary Student Handbook, ca. 1990. These are very high standards, and perhaps some are hard to attain, but they are good to have.

1. Remember that preparation for the priesthood is preparation for the very highest service: no vocation on earth is higher than the priesthood.
2. If every profession requires knowledge and definite skill, this must also be said of the priesthood. It is many-sided. It imposes an extraordinary accountability before God. The function of the priesthood takes place openly before everyone: the priest is like a candle standing upon a candlestand.
3. From those preparing to be pastors the Church expects:
A. Steadfast Christian motivation
B. A Christian attitude of mind and corresponding education
C. A moral way of life: he who is preparing to guide others must himself be an example of virtue.
4. Therefore:
A. Learn and carry in your heart the highest forms of priestly service in the Church of Christ.
B. Love the Church and delve deeply into the content of the Services: in that way you will become aware of and understand the grandeur and grace of the Church’s services.
C. Be constant and attentive in saying your private daily prayers.
D. Develop all sides of your soul: mind, will, and senses.
E. Do not allow impure thoughts to enter either your mind or your heart, or attract your will.
F. Be temperate.
G. Do not swear; do not smoke; do not use alcohol; do not leave the seminary grounds without the permission of your superior.
H. Have respect for those senior to you, your teachers and instructors and also all members of the monastic brotherhood.
I. Be friendly toward everyone, and always be ready to help one another whenever you can.
J. Diligently study the subjects you are being taught, gathering necessary knowledge and acquiring practical skills.
K. Make it your responsibility to keep the fasts and other rules of the Church.
5. A man’s character is formed by the acquisition of habits. Therefore you must strengthen your will in all that is good. Acquire good habits by strict submission to the rules for seminarians and by careful fulfillment of your duties.

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