Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Feast of Friendship

Lent is fast approaching for Orthodox Christians, which means that the time window for eating meat is quickly closing. This causes Jordanville seminarians to go on a yearly trek to Dinosaur Ribs.

Dinosaur Barbecue is a restaurant started up in Syracuse by a biker who traveled the South, sampled many of its tasty meat creations, and brought back the best stuff to Upstate New York. There’s also a branch in Albany, which is the one we went to this time. There were eleven of us, including Pete, Kate, and their baby Lucy, a.k.a. Cuteness. When our waitress Brittany came to our table, it was love at first sight:

“Welcome to Dinosaur! Have any of you been here bef-ooooh helllOOOOO!!!!!!” Behold the power of Cuteness.

Most of us guys ordered the full rack of ribs. When Brittany came to me, there was a moment of hesitation. “Are you sure you can finish it?” I meekly said yes. However, I was prepared to eat my words when the ribs came.

It doesn’t even fit in the frame!
Though we were having some good conversation beforehand, once the food came it was all business. And lamentation from stuffing ourselves with so much. We had to finish everything to prove that we were not weenies. “Finishing” involved eating our two sides. “Once we’re finished, we’ll have five sides,” said one of us.

By the end of dinner most of us had finished our racks—save me. I had three ribs left. I attempted to separate the meat from the bone in order to make it look like not so much, but that psychological tactic did not win against my stomach’s cries that it had had ENOUGH. In shame, I asked for a box.

“You don’t deserve this.” Said Brittany sternly. Although she was nice afterward.

“It’s okay, John. You’ll appreciate them more tomorrow.” Said Kate.

Pete answered, “he’s not going to appreciate the ribbing we’re going to give him!” Groaaaaaan.

Nevertheless, I did finish the ribs in the end, before we left the restaurant. However, as it was after we had stood up and paid the bill, it did not count. But STILL! there weren’t any (meat) leftovers.

I may have lost this time, but I’m looking forward to the rematch!

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