Monday, April 14, 2014

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday at Jordanville is like the first hints of light just before dawn. We formally end the forty days and begin the last week before the Bright Resurrection.

I spent most of Palm Sunday in the dormitory lounge working on yesterday’s blog post. Sophia, who was visiting, did some journaling about her farm work. Our intellectual work was fed by the Omega-3 fatty acids provided by some smoked salmon I had bought some time ago. We finished the pound of smoked salmon trim with the help of some other passing seminarians.

The trim of the trim.

Then, at half past four, we had combined Vespers and Compline for Palm Sunday, followed by dinner. After dinner we then started Bridegroom Matins for Great and Holy Monday. A hieromonk reminded us that we should keep the lights off on kliros for this service, so we sang in the dark, our pages of music illuminated by our lit tapers.

Holy Week is quiet here at seminary. The internet is on only at certain times of day (like during the first week of Lent) so we have more time for reading, reflection, and prayer. During this week we also do a general cleaning of the monastery. Since I knocked out my portion last week, I can use the extra hours to study and write papers.

To my fellow strugglers, I wish you all a blessed Holy Week and a beautiful Pascha!

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  1. I hope those fatty acids stay in your brain for a bit of this week, at
    least! Is the transition from Lent to Holy Week around when they change
    the cloths on the icon stands during Vespers? That was my visual cue,
    but I feel I might be mistaken.